Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fat food land

Ok i need some control with my food last night went to a launch party for a new anti aging cream first 10 got the product free for a month woot woot all for free stuff but also had 2 glasses of free wine cheese and crackers apple and strawberries very small piece of cake and to Finnish it off on my way home I stopped for a burrito and potatoes did i need it HELL no i worked out hard yesterday 2 workouts i was hungry is that an excuse hell no. could i have planned better hell yes did I no.. why why i was not prepared I let my old april get in my head and lead me to fat food land. Today i have my food packed I have my workout clothes ready for spin at 12 I can do this I need to do this.. I tried on an old pair of pants that do not fit to see how far off i am and its a lot but i am going to get into those pants by christmas I am that is just it..

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