Monday, August 16, 2010

Wild weekend...

Crazy weekend

It ended up being a crazy busy weekend Saturday up at o dark thirty to work at the bakery.. Bakery was crazy ass busy.. NO time to eat or think about eating 6 hours went buy fast. My besties was in town and so we chatted for a bit.. Then home tried my hardest to take a nap but a no go ... Then we went to a friends for dinner and game night... Fun time.. good laughs Sunday had to call the bakery to see when they wanted me to come in at 630 that kinda sucked sour balls but what do you do she wanted me to come in at 9 good my back was hurting form Saturday.. So i tried to sleep again no go so got up at 7 got ready and went and cleaned the building i clean before getting to the bakery at 9 for 3hours.. Sundays are busy but not as busy as saturday so that was nice..  THen home and we took grandpa out to lunch ...  Then home for good and did nothing.. 

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