Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor day camping weekend 2010

Finally able to share some photos form are labor day camping weekend.. we as in me and Justin was able to take Joel my nephew with us on are camping trip. I love this little man very much he had a blast hiking, fishing and eating marshmallows.

We also had are babies with us.. well my babies hubby dog's. I also got a chance to take some photo's of my kids that captured them very well. this is Nyla my first love.. My baby.. Mommy's girl.
Here's the hubby girl Kia. we rescued her form the pound and she is madly in love with her daddy. She is a daddy girl and always has a funny face on.
Last but not least Bubba boy! Love this monster and that is what he is my boy that has to be a head of the pack on all of are walks.

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